Operate web businesses


This stage is all about doing and action.

Once we have completed a home page, ecommerce shop or blog, we analyze what works and what doesn’t. The whole approach is build, test, refine and build again in short cycles. We communicate and listen to our early users. We refine our process and improve the parts that aren’t working.

Now we systematize business

until our offer is converting and reaches a degree of stability and positive cash flow with predictable revenue.We target professionally the people who matter, allocate time and resources more and more properly until our sales funnels, its stages, get more efficient and we establish our value, our platform, our brand and move from break even to profit and momentum for zabIT.

From that point, it’s only a matter of continuing improvements. Maximizing efficiency, try out new forms of content marketing and tailoring our messages for greater relevance to gain a larger market share. Not to forget some reinvesting, adjusting and scaling.

Here are some representative examples of operational business cases so far:

Ecommerce Store

Our method behind an easy to handle ecommerce store is dropshipping. That way we do not even have to worry about things such as delivery or warehousing.


Online Affiliate

Some of our businesses work only with affiliates and affiliate networks. As an affiliate we receive a commission for selling products for other companies, whether it’s on our own site or through other channels.

Work with Advertisers

We sell a portion of our websites to Google AdSense or similar advertisers and earn money passively each time the ads are clicked on by the target audience.


Unique own Brands

Sometimes we create our own recognizable and loved product brands to sell through various channels. As a small business we compete against big brands with devoted customers. That’s why we have to be different and find a niche that’s fits our unique company spirit. This is typically combined with the topic ecommerce store.

Consultancy / SEO management

As a consultant, we can effectively steer business owners, who are too overwhelmed or busy to spend a lot of time on developing their online approach, in the right direction concerning ideal tactics, tools, schedules and targeting their audience including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine marketing (SEM) respectively SEA (Search Engine Advertising).


Because smartphones are everywhere, the demand for new and creative apps is increasing more than ever before. Whether if Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android market, people are using countless apps every day. The app cost almost nothing to actually develop and don’t involve any shipping or storage costs, which works to expand the overall profit margin.


Blogging is one of the new big businesses. Building an extensive following allows us to gain profit by attracting key advertisers or get commissions by promoting other brand products (think affiliate) on our blogs.

Buying and selling online businesses

We purchase an online business including domain name, established website, existing pageviews, customers, followers and revenue to make it grow further and then resell it for a profit.

E-Books and Paid Writing

Sometimes we get paid writing for other sites or blogs or write our own e-book. E-books do not have any printing or shipping fees, which makes them a viable investment.

Our goal

is always to build a business which will be capable of sustaining or even better expanding itself without zabIT.

While some of our ventures only bring in a nice passive income, some of these online businesses actually create small fortunes. To be honest the process of building a stable, profitable online business takes serious time and focus. And in old-fashioned Germany, where we are located, it also takes beating limiting beliefs and haters. But by taking incremental steps towards the goal we build something of real value that help us achieve the lifestyle, freedom and income we want, all while working less. Nothing beats that.