Conception of web businesses


Business rules have changed.

With the possibilities of the Internet and social media a new category of entrepreneurship has arisen.

Business happens online.

The new kind of entrepreneur runs a business worldwide with only a laptop and Internet connection. From products sale, affiliate marketing, online communities, downloadable information to blogs, YouTube and freelancing, the internet offers so many online business models. Many things need to be taken into consideration in the conception process of an internet business. It involves business goals and purpose and even business or product life cycles and how the web can be utilized to help achieving those goals. concept ideas for new web businesses

The Internet offers huge opportunities.

And we find the right business models to build lucrative and ethical Internet businesses, all while working less. The Internet makes it possible to design the lifestyle you want and reaching the freedom and income to live the life you’re looking for.

zabIT marketer service

  • We do the market research and picture the “ideal” customer or target group we want to visit our web sites. These people will be learning about our services and/or buy our products.
  • We identify online niches with adequate profit margins that match interests and skills of our target groups.
  • We choose the appropriate online business model to generate income. From affiliate marketing, physical products and online services to blogs, audience communities and digital delivery.
  • We find the right initial sourcing partner for funding or product production and logistics.
  • We invent a brandable, memorable and catchy domain name and find the right hosting partner.
  • We develop home pages, ecommerce shops or blogs for each web business including all target-orientated text and design.
  • We implement and manage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) for our projects.
  • We occupy the position as an expert or problem solver in these targeted topics.
  • We create business plans including financial projections, marketing and social media activities.